Friday, September 28, 2012

The Army Gathers...

The clouds are gathering
The air is saturated with promise
Heavy rains promise to fall

From all sides they begin to gather
Coming together from far and distant places
The most unlikely crowd
Positioning themselves
They won't move
Till the rain comes

Thirsty they cry out
Desperate they kneel
Hungry they lift their voices
We wait for you
We long for you
We need you

The rains begin to fall
The shackles fall off
Their wounds heal
Love swells
And this motely crew rises up
Warriors of God

They Host the Presence of God
Twenty Four Seven
They speak and realms are released
Where they walk, the ground trembles
Storms are calmed and the blind see
They live, every second in response to the Father
Their very shadow brings healing
A people who release that which overshadows them

Everywhere they go
Destined to change the world
A people who do only as He does
Who speak only what He says
Who go, only where He goes
They are the Freedom Warriors
The carriers of Love

Can you SEE them?

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  1. Living every second in response to the Father...that is what I want. Beautiful writing! Many blessings!


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