Friday, October 5, 2012

Messy Love

People regularly ask me what revival looks like. My answer is usually : 

Why? Because revival looks like love, and love, of the deep, unconditional, undeserving kind is usually messy. But what a mess! 

We are called, first of all to love God passionately, powerfully, deeply and intensely – we are called to live from a place of deep intimacy with God where we drink from His fountains of immeasurable, ceaseless, bottomless, never-ending love. 

Then, we are called to love EVERYONE else with that same deep, passionate, powerful and intense love. Revival cannot be birthed, or sustained outside of this simple truth. 


No move of God can be sustained outside of this, because God is Love, and He never moves outside of Love. 



  1. I love this! I have actually said if you want revival you need to be prepared for people vomiting in the back of the church as deliverance happens when people are overwhelmed by His love and presence. That's definitely messy!

  2. Ah, give us patience with the mess, Lord, that we might see the beauty.

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