Friday, February 8, 2013


Naked.  Vulnerable.  Hard.  Terrifying.  Open.  Honest.  Raw.  Real.  Risky.  Intimate.  Uncomfortable.  Painful.  Bare.

God has always moved the most mightily in the seasons when my heart resembles a dry, barren, bare wasteland.  Those times when there are no shrubs covering my heart...covering the condition of my heart.  Brought to my knees with nothing to hide, it's often the most painful of raw times, Love comes crashing in.  Usually it's a journey in those times to walk out of it.  Digging out the old dry roots that won't allow new growth, watering the dry, parched land of my heart...soaking in His rain, digging and fertilising the soil, preparing it for new's work.

Recently, in fact since last year, I've had this experience.  Not only with God.  I've also gone through a season where I've laid myself bare to the people in my life here who care for me.  I've told my deepest darkest secrets.  I've risked ... and found deeper friendships.  I've found grace.  I've found love. uncomfortable experience I'd deeply recommend to everyone.  

Healing.  Joy.  Beauty.  Love.  Strength.  Faith.  Friendship.  Growth.  Moulding.  Character.  Grace.  Intimacy.  Bare.  

~ ~ ~

There ends my submission to Five Minute Friday, but what a great topic for my return to blogging. You see I've just gone through a season of 'bare'.  Last year I overworked and had way too much on my plate and a few issues that God needed to work through...and I crashed.  I mean crashed.  The kind of crashed that means you stay in bed and can't function kind of crashed.  And blogging, was too much.  

I love blogging.  I've missed blogging.  But blogging was never going to be my healing, and blogging was simply too much.  Priorities.  I've learned about priorities.  

I may over the coming months and weeks reveal a bit more about that season, one I'm still working through....but for those who do read my blog...

I. Can. Not. Wait. To. Share. Life. With. You.

Just sayin'

This is my contribution to Five Minute Fridays and Faith Filled Fridays.


  1. " uncomfortable experience I'd deeply recommend to everyone."

    Love it. So much truth in your words. Praise God for the "bare" times. I, too, can testify that it's good for the soul.

    Welcome back to blogging!

    Your neighbor on FMF,

  2. Welcome back :) I am visiting for the first time from Faith Filled Fridays and I agree with you about seeing bareness as uncomfortable, but necessary for all! To truly feel God's embrace you need to be bare :)

  3. That was beautiful! I love the way you started your post, but I love the way you ended it even more. From naked and vulnerable to healing, joy and grace. Love that! (I'm visiting from FMF.)

  4. Welcome back to blogging! Beautiful write today.


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