Monday, February 11, 2013

The Whisper...

"Tell them", He whispered into my ear, "Tell them, I am Love and Love never fails.  I never fail.  Ever.  I'm really, really good at what I do.  Tell them I've heard, I've seen and it's okay, I've got it sorted.  Tell them, I won't fail them.  Tell them I've seen their pain and heartache, I've seen the depths of their despair  they can stop worrying now, they can stop doing...I've got the situation in hand, I've got them in my hand.  Tell them that Love never Love never fails and that I'm really, really good at what I do.  Tell them that I am He who makes the impossible possible and I am he who will never fail you.  Tell them."

If I need someone to fix something, I call someone who has been highly recommended.  Someone with a great track record...someone I know I can be sure is going to get the job done.  I'm funny like that, heck, I don't even buy books without reading their reviews on Amazon.  I need to know that the thing that I'm investing into will bring the greatest return.  I'm not really into wasting my time and money otherwise.  

However, when it comes to impossible situations there is only One person who has a stellar reputation.  Only one.  There is only one perfect heart surgeon, perfect oncologist, perfect doctor, perfect potter, perfect situation-changer, perfect husband, perfect brother and perfect friend.  Only one.  

God Himself.

Love Himself.

He who is Love Incarnate.

He whose very nature is Love, whose every thought is Love, whose every desire is to Love you.

Endless Love.  He who has No-Limits Love.

He who loves you with every fibre of His supernaturally-always-good-all-the-time Being.

He who see's only you day in and day out and who burns with Love for you.

He who see's every single person as if they were the only person in the world, 24/7...that still blows my mind.

He whose love is greater than anything we could ever grasp.

Love come down.

Love who came and made residence in us so we could always be close.

Amazing Love.

Love that never Fails.  


Only One with a perfect track record.

Only One that can love in a perfect-love way that is beyond our understanding.

He who loves you no matter who you are and what you are doing.

Only One whose love can meet the needs of every individual on this planet.  Only one whose Love is enough.

He who supplies all of your needs.  

He who loves you because He is Love.

Only One whose very nature, character and every motivation can be summed up by one word: Love.

He can't do anything else.  

He wants you to know that.  

Love never Fails and He is really, really good at what he does.  


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Have a totally fantabulous Monday everyone!  


  1. What can I say but Amen!!!! Of course I believe you! :^) I totally love blog parties too! I think I collect them! Patsy from

  2. Hey Patsy, thanks for popping on by! I'm just about to run out, but, later tonight...when I am on 'post work decompress time' I will definitely be popping by your blog - and collecting new blog party places ;)!

    Many blessings!

  3. Ursh thank you for sharing and also thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. Blessings.


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